The word “Travel” comes from an ancient form of the French word “Tavail”, and from the many historical meanings for a thin noun, the one that endured in time is “to go from one place to another by air, land or sea”. Nobody could imagine that around this word, a multimillion market would have set, presenting incredible business opportunities. If we also add the integration of technological advances to the mixture, we find ourselves in a realm without limitations. In this article, we will analyze, from a futuristic perspective, other words related to travels to get to know a bit more about the recent innovations and the new developments regarding the travels of the future.    

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The trend for the future is the creation of unique experiences. We now can see how travel agencies, luxury houses and marketing companies are developing businesses around personalize experiences to attract clients by providing them with a lifestyle or an identity they can take while on travel, going beyond the offering of a simple touristic package. Hotels, Official Tourism Offices and travel agencies are making an effort to help the tourist to collect memories instead of just visiting a place. Today, tourists are more aware of the authenticity of the experiences they select, and they wish to go back from travel with histories to tell and memories to treasure. The word “Unique” has helped the birth of the “Travel Maker”, a person dedicated to offering clients the adventure of a lifetime.   

To be a good Travel Maker, one needs to be knowledgeable of the culture and of the places one have to offer. Also, it is essential to have a good relationship with the business owners of the area, since all this combined will allow the design of a tailored trip for each client. 

In a previous article, we talked about the integration of facial recognition technology in the tourism industry, and we were able to see how the technology of the future can be applied in the development of unique experiences for travellers since there is nothing more personal than facial expressions. 


As a business dedicated to know about the tourism sector and to measure this industry, we have noticed that digitalization of things is opening the doors to new and exciting opportunities. Today, almost everybody has a digital device, an element with artificial intelligence connected to the Internet at all time, and that it has learned about our personal preferences. These devices are capable of interacting with us and, as we mention in a previous article, thanks to the integration of speech recognition technology, they can answer to what we say. 

The travelling partner of the future will be a digital one. It will find opinions and comments relevant to a touristic destination, It will also create personalized itineraries and will access ecosystems such as the one of Shake to Win, to know about our suggestions for a cultural trip in a destination.


Virtual reality could never replace real travels, but it can allow the exposition of a possible reality when travelling. Virtual reality will be the new way to advertise since it will help the decision process of travellers and it will contribute to awakening the desire for a specific experience.

Under the possible slogan: “Try it now, enjoy it later”, companies in the tourism sector could offer virtual models of their products to entice bookings. We already see how recognized international museums are opening their doors virtually, and recently The History and Egyptology Office in Egypt presented its virtual visit through ancient tombs and the treasures of Egyptology, creating a mass euphoria. 

United with digitalization, our platform in Shake to Win allows users to access a virtual map with the most typical cultural proposals carefully selected so they can be chosen as possible destinations when planning a trip, or they can be visited if the travellers are already in town. They do not know where to go. Businesses and organizations can access our spaces where we provide exposure thanks to our packages; they were specially designed to fit every need of our possible partners. To know more, please contact us. 


When we were kids, we had to wait to visit the planetarium to exit the shield of the atmosphere and see the starry sky. Recently, the National Administration for Space and Aeronautic, NASA, announced future travels outside of our planet. NASA will allow tourism companies to manage the booking of flights and lodging in Space Bases orbiting the Earth. Although details are still under considerations, the announcement sparked the investment of tremendous amounts of money from companies wanting to be the first in taking clients to space.  

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It is a reality that the global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic has affected most of the economic sectors, but we at Shake to Win noticed an increase in the trust and consumption of the Internet. To be on top of the trends of the tourism sector, and in our research and development processes, we offer our platform to companies wanting to create brand awareness in clients eager to consume in reality what they can now only taste digitally.