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2024 China Tourism Masterclass in Spanish

Elevate your understanding and strategic approach to Chinese tourism with our comprehensive masterclass in Spanish. Tailored for entrepreneurs, tour operators, hotels, and tourism students, this course dives deep into key aspects of the Chinese tourism industry. This course focuses on key aspects such as culture, travel preferences, expectations of Chinese tourists, and effective marketing strategies to attract this ever-expanding market. Upon completion of the course, participants will be prepared to capitalize on opportunities in the Chinese tourism industry and provide exceptional experiences to Chinese visitors.


In 2019 alone there were over 150 million departures from China accounting for $255 billion in travel expenses

Growing flight connections have opened new horizons for Chinese tourists exploring South America, with notable increases seen in Peru, Chile, and Brazil. In 2018, Peru recorded a 20% rise, welcoming over 50,000 Chinese tourists. This trend aligns with the broader surge in Chinese tourism, which has proven to be an eventual boon for South American economies. Chinese tourists to the region, distinguished by their higher spending habits, contribute significantly to the tourism sector, with an average expenditure of $1,100 per stay, compared to the $648 spent by other international visitors. This demographic, characterized by its diversity and shared interests in adventure and cultural exploration, has become a driving force reshaping the tourism landscape in South America.

Beyond tourism, Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is flowing into South American countries, particularly in sectors like agriculture, energy, and infrastructure. In 2022, Chinese OFDI in Latin America and the Caribbean reached a historic high of $12 billion, marking a substantial contribution to mutual benefits. Despite concerns about trade imbalances, China has evolved into Latin America's largest trading partner, and its economic engagement continues to intensify. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) further solidifies China's commitment, with expectations that trade volumes between China and Latin America could exceed $700 billion by 2035, underlining the enduring and mutually beneficial economic partnership between the two regions. Hence, working with various local tourism organizations, universities, and business partners, STW is bringing this valuable program to Spanish speaking tourism stakeholders to start preparing for the new Chinese market before it is too late.

Meet the Lecturers

Meet the Lecturers

Course Cirriculum

  • Duration: 10 total hours (~10 sessions)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, tour operators, hotels, and tourism students
  • Location: Online (Zoom)
  • Cost: 120 USD/per. (check below for early bird discount)
  • Schedule: To be delivered on registration (different timezones apply)

Course Topics:

This course brings 10 experts from 4 countries targeting a diverse range of topics that will give you the best knowledge for dealing with the market. Topics covered will include

  1. Introduction to China and Its History
  2. Contemporary China
  3. Introduction to Chinese Tourism
  4. Protocols and Tourism Etiquette
  5. Marketing Strategies for Chinese Tourism
  6. Chinese Digital Ecosystems
  7. Market Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges
  8. Tourism Fairs and Protocol
  9. Tour Operators
  10. Hotels

Upon completing the entire course, participants will receive an e-certificate presented by STW and our partners, validating their expertise in the Chinese tourism industry.

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Enrollments Closed. Stay tuned for our next intake to help you start building your business for success in the future of tourism!

For more details on the program please contact :

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