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Our mission is to preserve culture by creating cross-cultural bridges through technology.

Shake to Win is made in China by a team of travel, culture and technology enthusiasts. We are moved by an innate desire for adventure and brought together by a common passion for art, nature and history.

China is impressive. By the size of its population and surface, by the scale of its economic and infrastructure development, by the length of its continuous culture and recorded history, by the speed at which it changes and, above all, by how different it is from any other country.

Differences define uniqueness but they can also create misunderstandings, especially concerning cultural differences. We believe immersive travel is the richest and most effective way to truly understand and therefore respect and preserve culture, for both hosts and visitors. Technology, in turn, is a tool that when put to good use brings people closer for it allows information to be spread far and wide, saves time and creates efficiency thus shortening distances.

We are known in China as Shang You (赏游), which can mean “rewarding trip” or “appreciate the journey.” As for our international name, “shake” refers to a handshake and “to win” is about all that is gained from meeting someone new, from a different culture.

Shake to Win was founded in 2017 by travel blogger and entrepreneur, Emily Cheung. An independent traveller herself, Emily visited over 60 countries before the age of 30 and at a time when independent travel was very uncommon for Chinese young people, especially overseas travel.

Coming into contact with different cultures inspired Emily to write about her experiences on her travel blog and then on magazines and other channels. Soon enough Emily felt she wanted more than sharing her point of view and decided to take a step further and create a tool to encourage people to experience other cultures for themselves – this is how Shake to Win was born.

Shake to Win is nested within and is supported by Createc Digital, a cross-culture digital advertising agency created in 2014 by Adam Chen and co-founded by Emily. It was named China Advertising magazine’s 2017 Independent Ad Agency of the Year.

Meet the team

Meet the team

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