On December 16th, Shake to Win successfully celebrated the internship program launch event in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, with Universidad Cristóbal Colón. Among the professors of the University attending the online event included Luis Alberto García Peña, representative of the Division of Law UCC, Mónica Fernández Hernández, Head of the Academic Area of the Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and Business UCC, Patricia Boggero Correa, representative of the UCC Business School, and Elena Moreno García, Director of the Business Division of the UCC.

Besides the university guests, the members of the presidium were Iliana Liseth León Huesca, Municipal Syndic of Boca del Río, Veracruz, Elena Moreno García, Director of the Business Division of the UCC, José Luis Valencia Montano, Director General of COMCE Veracruz, Yesica Sánchez Dávalos, President of the Tourism Commission of COMCE Veracruz, Jafet Rodríguez García, President of the Commission of Young Entrepreneurs in COPARMEX, as well as our CEO Emily Cheung and the Regional Director (Mexico & LATAM) Rafael Vega Valtierra de Shake to Win.

The UCC will be the first University in the Mexico and Latin America region to participate in Shake to Win’s cultural exchange project.  Previously universities in Amsterdam, Belgium such as Avans University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool Utrecht, Ghent University and Vlerick Business School have also collaborated with Shake to Win to enable students to learn about the newest insights from China while exploring how culture and technology can integrate and generate impact to the world.

In the session, Emily Cheung and Rafael Vega Valtierra expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for signing the collaboration agreement with the UCC. They believe this partnership will strengthen the cultural understanding between Mexico and China while also broadening students’ horizons for understanding what’s new in China thus further stimulating their career development in China for the future. Meanwhile, the students will be assigned to two key project coaching sessions by the Shake to Win’s team in “helping SMEs in Mexico, e.g. Magic towns to transform and build a digital foundation” & “City branding project for Veracruz targeting Chinese FITs.”. It will be a fruitful opportunity for students to learn and grow under this program.  

We welcome the selected students Karla Ibañez Zarate, Karla García López, Salma Yamileth Ortiz Thompson, Tania San Román Niaves and Sergio Andrés Osorno Morales to kick start their China journey with us.

One of the objectives of this programme is to provide students with a focus on the Chinese market with the necessary education and development tools by which they can apply the knowledge acquired in their professional lives in a way that generates results of significant impact. The program will be divided into 3 phases: 1. Market Approach; where students will become familiar with the objectives from their professional profiles, 2. Social Impact; the proposal of a project focused on the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Towns) and related to the 17 SDG’s of the United Nations, 3. The positioning of Veracruz as a friendly destination for the Chinese. The expectation is to reinforce and learn about Chinese consumer behaviour, intercultural communication, international market research, the Chinese digital environment, and the strategic thinking and project management.

Quotes from the guests:

“(We are) In liaison with Emily Cheung from Shanghai who is the founder of Shake to Win and (who) has revolutionized the cultural and tourist vision of Asia for different parts of the world and with the collaboration of valuable people from prestigious institutions. We succeeded in launching “The Program of international professional internships ” between the Chinese company Shake to Win and the Universidad Cristóbal Colón, which will be the first University in Latin America to participate in the expansion project of this transnational company. I congratulate the International Markets and Business students for acquiring a series of learning and experiences for their personal and professional life. ”

Iliana Liseth León Huesca, Municipal Syndic of Boca del Río

 “We are happy and grateful at the Universidad Cristóbal Colón for signing this agreement to professionally strengthen students who are currently studying Markets and International Business. The University administration is committed to promoting cultural relations in the business environment. This is a compromise that would not have been possible without the support of the authorities present. Thanks a lot.”

Elena Moreno García, Director of the Business Division of the UCC

“Congratulations on a great partnership with Universidad Cristóbal Colón and Shake to Win. Five young university students will carry out professional internships in this global startup that links culture, tourism, and business between China and the world. They will certainly bring new knowledge and learning with them, as China is a market with great potential. I appreciate this connection and opportunity for the students and for Veracruz.”

José Luis Valencia Montano, General Director of COMCE Veracruz

“Congratulations to all, it is a great project that I am sure will be a success, and it will not be the only one, it will be the first of many. Congratulations again for such an excellent initiative that will add significant values to the youth of today. ”

Yesica Sánchez Dávalos, President of the Tourism Commission of COMCE Veracruz

“Thank you very much for the invitation to this opening event, it is a pride to be able to witness a scenario where more young people commit to improve themselves and contribute to the development of their State and personal development. Young people play a significant role in the future of the next generations.”

Jafet Rodríguez García, President of the Young Entrepreneurs Commission at COPARMEX

“It’s a pleasure to participate in the International Professional Internship Program’s launch between the Chinese company Shake to win and the Universidad Cristóbal Colón. Thanks to Iliana León, Sídica de Boca del Río and Rafael Vega, Regional Director (Mexico & Latin America) of Shake to win for trusting in our study house to sign this agreement. Undoubtedly, this type of alliance will allow International Business and Markets students to acquire a series of learnings and experiences for their personal and professional life. ”

Luis Alberto García Peña, Linkage of the Division of Law UCC

“It is an honour for me to be able to be present on this very memorable day and of great importance for the institution in the business faculty and for the Shake to Win company. We will be the first University in Latin America with this privileged agreement. This challenge represents a true commitment for the young people of Veracruz.”

Mónica Fernández Hernández, Head of the Academic Area of the UCC Business and Administration Degrees

“In short, I express my gratitude to Emily and Rafael, for considering this house of studies that is the Universidad Cristóbal Colón for the signing of the agreement that will benefit the professional and educational development of our students.”

Patricia Boggero Correa Linking of the UCC Business School.