Salvo Pastorello’s solo exhibition opened successfully on last Saturday at the Diyuan Art Gallery. The opening ceremony was marked by a warm message of gratitude to all guests, partners, and participants, by museum director, Meng Di. It was outlining the value of the museums not as a place to exhibit but also an exciting lifestyle platform that works to help in the cultivation of the character, opinions, and expressions of youths in today’s commercially driven world.

The exhibition which features three main themes, “The Radiant Interior”, “Unfettered Wandering”, and “The Echo of Memory” is composed of a diverse assortment of paintings and installations going back to 2010 until the present. The comprehensive experience is implied by its title, Staccato Imagery, in which the exhibition expresses a lively rhythm that is intermittent and repeated with the artist’s adulthood, journey moving around to and from Europe and Shanghai while trying to better express and understand himself.

Under the careful consideration of the curatorial team, Staccato Imagery closely follows the splendid and eventful journey of Salvo’s life, travels, and most profound revelations. “The Radiant Interior” explores Salvo’s upbringing in Sicily and his voyage across various countries while in “Unfettered Wandering”, he presents his state and observations of bystanders during his adventures. “The Echo of Memory”  ties these experiences together by bringing together his ideas, thoughts, and creation over the process of his life and career. It is the hope of the curatorial team at Diyuan Art gallery for the works to bring audiences a kind of self-realization of what their rhythms and interpretations are to explore them through this artistic experience.

The spirit of Salvo’s life is not determined by the act of being an artist but rather a form of expression and exploration. His life-long partner Candice mentions that Salvo is not good at explaining through words, hence the manifestation of vibrant interpretations from his mind into colours and shapes– his inner radiance.

After the opening ceremony, all the guests visited the main hall and left their own “marks of memory” in the interactive area. 

The exhibition will officially be on display until December 20th. During the exhibition, Diyuan Art Museum will also invite professionals from all walks of life to hold several theme sharing lecture workshops; at the same time, Diyuan Workshop will also launch various POP-UP limited-time activities from time to time. For specific information, please follow the official WeChat account of Diyuan Art Gallery.

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