“FIT” initially known as “foreign independent tour”, is an acronym that has evolved to nowadays describe a fully independent traveler or most commonly free independent traveler. FIT’s are travelers who plan their own experiences and travel in smaller than 10-person groups. This new way of traveling stands in contrast with the idea that Chinese leisure travelers only experience new destinations with large groups.

All though if you are in the tourism industry this might not be news, but the latest trends of 2019 are in, and this might be some worthwhile information for you and your business. The general trend is as mentioned before seeking for a more independent travel experience, at the present the strongest and the main driver of Chinese outbound tourism are those born after 1980s ages between 18-38 which constitute 47% of outbound traffic. This group is majorly influencing the way Chinese travel, get to know some of their stronger characteristics and get to know your visitors better before they visit you.

Chinese FITs are characterized as being young and well educated, as shown in most recent data by the China Tourism Academy and Ctrip, 31% of china outbound were dominantly from ages 27 to 37 and 77 % of FITs hold an undergraduate or higher education degree.  

As for being young they are also very technology-savvy, particularly this group of FITs which prefer to book trips by themselves using their mobile phones. Since they have high levels of digital literacy, mobile phones are an important process of planning their trip before, while and after.

This has also been the main cause of them being more likely to modify their itineraries while they travel. Chinese FITs are known for their spontaneous decision making, according to CTA (Chinese Tourism Academy), 43% of them are most likely to plan their trip with 2 weeks of anticipations and 26% most likely to do it with one-month time.

Single women have been overlooked and are playing a big role in changing the way travel is experienced.

Amusingly these self-bookers in 2016, were 54 percent men, according to c-trip. But 2019 numbers are in and women are taking the lead with majority with a shocking 58 percent. The fact the women are leading the free independent traveling industry has also reflected on how much these groups are spending since women are spending 14 percent more than Chinese FIT’s males.

The numbers of Chinese FITs women traveling solo are going up year by year. On singles day 58 percent of passenger’s bookings were made by women. Which has left a poof that single women have been overlooked and are playing a big role in changing the way travel is experienced. These women are highly educated, financially empowered and want to explore the world free from group tours. Many markets are starting to explore this demand and are catering to this group of women secure way of travel, with all women hotel, tour, and even island options. It is going to be interesting to see further down the road how this group of independent and empowered women change the traveling industry with their rising number and influence.  

Shake To Win aims to create a mutual cultural understanding between Chinese Travelers and the worlds. We achieve this by showing travelers culturally valuable points of interest in destination countries. Working through mobile app and Wechat mini-program, FITs from China who travel around the world can be more informed about authentic and culturally rich places in the area.   

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