September 1st, our CEO Emily Cheung, was invited to give a speech at the event “When Innovation Meets Art & Culture”, which is organized by OCEA and YPG. When it comes to innovation, many people think of technology in the first place; when it comes to art and culture, one may think of words related to history, ancient times, and inheritance. Innovation and art & culture, in the inherent impression of most people, seem to be two opposite concepts. Therefore, OCEA and YPG organized an event to discuss “When Innovation Meets Art & Culture”. Our CEO Emily Cheung was invited to give a speech about Shake to Win and have a conversation with other two entrepreneurs on how to keep the culture alive.

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OCEA is an organization to connect overseas people around the world; they provide professional resources and services for Chinese. They have over 20 key partners, including UnionPay, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Minsheng Bank, SPD Bank, PICC, China Taiping, etc.

At the event, Emily shared her journey as a female entrepreneur. Emily herself is very curious about the world; she’s very curious about what more she can do. She is also very curious about humanity. As a global startup, Shake to Win is a bridge in a way to connect different culture, because Emily wants to do business with the whole world; she hopes to help others to develop their business sustainably. Most importantly, she thinks that young Chinese shall be appreciated by the world one day.

Everything starts by Emily getting herself out of her comfort zone in 2014 when she first experienced to be an entrepreneur.

Before the age of 30, she has travelled to 52 countries, 210 cities. She continues to accumulate the ability to appreciate the world and which always has been her passion in life. These years of travel have awakened her original intention to help the world and hope to understand the common language that connects the world. That is how Shake to Win is established, a brand with a strong mission and vision. Shake to Win is a brand to connect Chinese youth and global culture that’s how we positioned ourselves in the China market. Due to the COVID-19, Emily hasn’t been able to travel abroad. However, this doesn’t stop her from sharing Shake to Win’s value to the China market. She has been very active in promoting the brand in China, establishing different strategic partnership and participating multiple offline event as a speaker.

During the event, she talked about Shake to Win and our plan in the next quarter. Then she had a conversation with the other two speakers. One of the speakers Mandy is the founder of Wine+ e-commerce platform, which is also Shake to Win’s partner, we did a live-streaming project back in August and successfully sold 50+ bottle of wine in 1 hour with our founder’s featuring in the show. At the event, Mandy shared her experience of giving up corporate executives to return to business, mainly for wine and efforts, but also with the people present to explore the innovative feasibility of wine culture! The other speaker Justin is the founder of the online and offline Hong Kong Cantonese Training Institute, dedicated to the dissemination of authentic Hong Kong Cantonese and Hong Kong culture, to provide a professional, fun, innovative learning and exchange platform for students who love Hong Kong Cantonese. He also shared how to save 80,000 yuan to millions a year, how to make the earliest choice, the initial heart of the establishment of Cantonese training institutions and the challenges to meet.

They sat together to share their entrepreneurship journey; one thing in common is that they are passionate about what they do and the never give up spirit.

Since Emily brought Shake to Win live, it’s been building cross-cultural bridges through technology which allows more young people to experience culture in depth, preserve art and culture, and help more niche businesses enter the Chinese market. We have strengthened cultural exchanges to narrow the distance between Chinese young people and the world and enhance mutual understanding between them so that the world can see the excellence of the new generation of Chinese young people. All of them are looking for an interesting soul.

China is a market full of opportunities and potential. The young consumers are looking forward to getting to know your brand. With our expertise, we hope to help more tourism and trade partners to innovate and fully leverage the virtual digital landscape to unleash the potential and make great business results and marketing impact. Are you interested in joining us?

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