In partnership with the STW Innovation Group, the AsiaCEO Community, a leading community of C-level talent and entrepreneurs, recently announced the appointment of Rafael Vega as the President of its Mexico Chapter. This marks an important chapter of new growth for the AsiaCEO community and growing businesses as the first chapter in Latin America, driving the region to get better access to the top global networks with a strong presence in Asia. With this partnership, business development of the region can build new opportunities leveraging the strong AsiaCEO Community networks around the world.

About AsiaCEO Community

The AsiaCEO Community is a pioneering prestigious club in ASIA specially catered for entrepreneurs and CEOs. The Community has long been creating a nurturing environment for ASIA CEOs and is dedicated to improving the profitability and quality of their enterprises through shared insights and experience. It also serves as a unique platform to facilitate knowledge transfer between different industries. It aims to build a strongly knitted community of CEOs across Asia and the world to be a powerful force for change through meaningful business and social relationships.

With over 14 years of business experience, Rafael Vega has always been interested in cross-cultural communication in retail, banking, trading, and international business. He started his career path studying finance in Mexico and worked in banking for 1 year. Rafael also took a challenging role in the finance department at the biggest retail store company in Mexico, Liverpool, and after 4 years in retail; he decided to move to China in order to obtain an MBA degree from MIT and the Fudan School of Management. Since then he has been working alongside the STW Innovation Group and founded the LATAM Pacific Solutions to amplify cross-cultural business synergies between China and the world. Rafael will leverage his extensive career to be at the forefront of driving new and innovative growth for businesses in Latin America alongside AsiaCEO and the STW Innovation Group’s leading vision of linking people beyond the bounds of cultures, economy, expertise, and international collaboration.

I am pleased to be appointed as the president of the Mexico Chapter of the Asia CEO Community. Since I move to Asia years ago to study my MBA, it has always been my mission to connect Mexico with Asia, I’m glad that this community will allow others to build a network to grow their business.

Rafael Vega, Regional Director (Mexico & LATAM) of STW Innovation Group, and President of the AsiaCEO Community Mexico Chapter

Unlock New China during the COVID era

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