China Business Cast is a podcast featuring experienced entrepreneurs and business people making things happen in China. Last week, Emily Cheung was honored to talk to China Business Cast about how she went from a travel blogger to a serious entrepreneurs and her passion for promoting global art & culture to Chinese millennials.

Emily has been using her working experience with big brands like Levi’s China, Skechers China, Walmart China, etc for the last 13 years and integrating it into a cross-cultural communication agency, CREATEC, and a cultural tech company, Shake to Win.

At Shake to Win, we are keen on creating cultural content to cultivate the global vision of the Chinese millennials. We hope to preserve culture by creating cultural bridges leveraging technology. Over 4000 B2B partners worked with us to build the first connection with the Chinese millennial travelers. Our weekly virtual travel campaign #travelfromhome gained over 16,000,000 digital impressions and millions of social media fans traveled with us to learn about different cities’/countries’ culture.

On one hand, Shake to Win shares interesting and authentic stories to the actual tourists before they go on a trip, so they can learn about the culture before choosing the destination and planning their trip. On the other, the B2B brands and merchants that joined our platform can leverage Shake to Win to transform their existing and traditional business model to become more innovate in order to tap into a great potential market – China.

The appreciation should happen far before the users physically meet the merchants and we make the [distance] even shorter with technology and creativities.

Emily Cheung, CEO of Shake to Win

Emily Cheung & Simon de Raadt (host of China Business Cast)
Emily Cheung & Simon de Raadt (host of China Business Cast)

Chinese millennials are changing every day, especially under COVID-19. They are more open minded to learn about culture, thus appreciating it. Therefore, Emily created Shake to Win, adding a way for people to learn about the culture daily, weekly, and on-the-go.

In this business podcast episode, Emily has shared the three latest trends among Chinese millennials:

  • Gaming is key and the gamification-approach should be considered by brands
  • Entertainment and product seeding in OTV is as popular as selling while live-streaming
  • Sustainability also becomes an important consideration of youth, especially with the post-95s

As much as millennials care more about entertainment, you can actually add a twist to the communication approach and make it a cultural experience than just selling products. As a content driven and story-telling platform, Shake to Win is among the trendsetters and hopes to continue to lead the changes and be a role-model on how to build a right path for brands, even for a family-run ice-cream shop with limited budget. Entering China should be approachable for everyone and we are here to help you to kick-start your business.

More on the episode, Emily has shared how the Gen Z in China are growing to make more sustainable choices. Feel free to know more by listening to the full episode here.


  • Emily’s secret to keeping high energy as an entrepreneur
  • Emily’s journey till now
  • Promoting cultural preservation at low-entry barriers and being a bridge towards Chinese millennials
  • Preparing Chinese millennials before their travel starts and creating cultural awareness
  • Behavior differences between consumers born in the ’85, ’90, ’95, and the ’00’s
  • Innovation and Technology in Cultural Tourism incl. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • How to mix non-profit with profit-focused businesses
  • Chinese tourism behavior
  • Creating local experiences besides just visiting a spot

China is a market full of opportunities and potential. The young consumers are looking forward to getting to know your brand. With our expertise, we hope to help more tourism and trade partners to innovate and fully leverage the virtual digital landscape to unleash the potential and make great business results and marketing impact. Are you interested to join us?

Make your brands visible and remarkable in the China market during this particular timing. Interested in participating by subscribing to our ACCESS/ CONNECT/ TAKE packages and joining the next episode of our #travelfromhome campaign? Please send an email to and we will reach out to you within 24 hours (yup, that’s our efficiency).

We look forward to creating value for your business soon!