On November 18th, Shake to Win was featured as part of the Innovation Sparks section at the 2021 Lisbon Tourism Summit. The event was organized by Beta-i and supported by the main partner, the Tourismo de Portugal as well as the partners from Portugal’s The Journey 4.0, Grupo Barrequerio, Parques de Sintra Monte de Lua, Pestana Hotel Group, UNICRE, and VISA. The event brings students, industry leaders, innovators, experts, and entrepreneurs from the tourism industry to both offline and online experiences where participants can learn the biggest trends and innovations for the future of tourism. With a focus on the theme of digitalization, the 2021 edition covers topics such as data-driven sales & communication, enhanced travel experience, and smart Operations alongside panels, workshops, startup pitches, and more. The opening ceremony was held by Pedro Rocha Vieira, Beta-i’s Co-founder and CEO as well as Luís Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal.

“To keep up with the post-pandemic recovery process, the tourism industry will inevitably have to create innovative solutions and embrace technology more broadly. There is no doubt that the future will depend on automation, artificial intelligence, IoT, gamification methods, and more – these are elements that will shape the new tourism experience. As such, this summit intends to accelerate the entry of these innovations into the market, giving the opportunity to learn, discuss and exchange ideas with the best international and national experts in the sector.”

Pedro Rocha Vieira, Beta-i’s Co-founder and CEO

“At Turismo de Portugal, we are committed to creating the conditions to accelerate innovation and digitalisation of businesses and destinations. On this behalf, we develop and collaborate in actions that promote the digitisation of operations and value chains, as well as channels and respective customer relationship processes. The empowerment of companies and destinations with digital tools and increased knowledge, resulting from the incorporation of data at the basis of decisions, management and information and communication, strengthen the competitiveness of Portugal as a destination and contribute to creating the best tourism experience. The Lisbon Tourism Summit is essential to help spread the use of technology and data by all those who work in tourism, whether in private or public companies, modernizing the productive structure, processes, communication, and content.”

Luís Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal

Throughout the 3 day event, various esteemed guest speakers shared their insights and experiences about the latest trends and innovations taking place under the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Connecting participants into a network of industry personnel, the event facilitated access to Tourism 4.0 and digitalization.

China is the world’s biggest outbound tourism market and will continue to be so in the future, however, under current circumstances, the many links that were accessible to reach and interact with the Chinese market have gradually tightened. Some businesses are faced with the pressure to adapt or look towards alternatives while others take it as an opportunity to fill the gap and prepare to capture the future China market. Understanding the barriers to access such a promising market and the challenges businesses face in entering the China market, Shake to Win has been at the forefront of building the bridge into China from around the world. With a focus on the new generation of Chinese consumers as well as a more open-minded and conscious Chinese user base, Shake to Win works to share the unique assets of rural business, destinations, and the stories of its people to China. 

Taking into consideration that Chinese people view the world from a Chinese version of the worldwide web our innovation lies in the decentralization of this market through our closed-loop ecosystem. The Shake to Win ecosystem becomes a commercial and emotional intermediary for businesses, cultures, and ideas to be shared between China and the world which in turn brings both closer to one another. At the same time, while Shake to Win removes the need to know the Chinese language to connect with China, we have been establishing educational efforts around the world to further support future thought leaders and talents to understand China and leverage its opportunities to benefit their local regions. This includes the sharing of cultural insights, trends, behavioral analysis, and business procedures through our cultural program because we believe that nurturing the future leaders of today will define the future innovations of the industry.

Unlock New China during the COVID era

Entering the Chinese market takes time and extensive research as well as a deep understanding of consumer insights, trends, and local behaviors. Engaging in all these activities may be expensive and impossible for small to medium-sized businesses around the world. With the added constraints of COVID-19, finding an efficient and cost-effective solution is vital to unlocking the potential of the Chinese market. However, finding partners that can digest both the international and local Chinese perspectives can be hard and risky. 

Under the goal of connecting global cultures to the Chinese youth, Shake to Win has been facilitating China market access for SMEs, cultural organizations, as well as public institutions from all over the world, building commercial and emotional bridges between distinct nations and helping Chinese consumers to reach the most unique places, products, and people. We offer an extensive range of services including localization, social media, online marketing, offline campaigns, e-commerce, and more, leaving you to focus on your business without the need to learn Chinese from your local destination. For more information or business collaboration please contact, partnership@shaketowin.net.