In spite of a reduction of 6,8% in its economy, China is getting back on track after the strong measurements taken by the government due to the Covid-19 outbreak last December. Our CEO and Founder, Emily Cheung, participated in a BBC podcast as a young entrepreneur and a businesswoman based in Hong Kong, and she was asked to give her perspective in business living through the lockdown and now after the quarantine has started to lift in some areas in China.  

In the interview, Emily described her action after arriving in China from Europe early this year, she says: “I gave my information to the authorities since I was arriving in the country from Europe. I voluntarily went on self-isolation, and twice a day, an AI machine called me to know my temperature and if I was all right” She felt the extreme measures were necessary to stop the pandemic from spreading and gave a good example of how to manage this type of crisis. 

The BBC reporter asked to know the perspective of Emily regarding how the Chinese government was handling the situation for businesses, to which she answered: “The government announced measures to support different business sectors and it has been very effective in said support, they saw opportunities within the risky situations”, an optimistic declaration in front of the delicate situation many small and medium-sized businesses are facing in all around the globe.

In previous interviews, Emily has expressed her desire to use Shake to Win as a tool to create a community that could influence the tourism sector for the better, helping small and medium-size businesses to grow by connecting to the Chinese market. Emily has expressed how imagination and innovation are two very important aspects related to how she keeps her life evolving. 

In a previous article, we mention that China is one-third of the main exporters of good in the world, next to EE. UU. and Europe, but experts in the economy are now saying that China has a very strong possibility of recovering economically for the second part of this year, especially since the country now relays on domestic consumption and investment more than in exportation of goods. 

In front of indicators that show how some markets are reopening, innovation is key now more than ever. The United Nation Development Program, for instance, is making a global call for hardware and software developers, product designers, scientists, innovators and inventors to come together and help those who could be most affected by this pandemic. 

The World Tourism Organization revised its 2020 prospects for international tourist arrivals to a negative growth of 1% to 3%, translating into an estimated loss of US$ 30 to 50 billion in international tourism receipts. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, UNWTO predicted a positive growth of 3% to 4% for this year. Shake to Win, as a Digital Marketing Company, aims to provide its services and its platform to boost the economy of the tourism sector by the creation of digital ecosystems that will attract the Independent Travelers from China into other countries.  

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

China is definitely a market for growth in the coming months for the West. Innovation and financial commitments are key to ensure that tourism can lead wider economic and social recovery, as proven in past disruptions on the back of the highly resilient nature of the sector and its ability to bounce back strongly. We at STW always remember our vision of connecting the world through tourism and cultural experiences using technology, and since the worst part of the crisis is passing, but with the utmost respect for the terrible losses due to the pandemic, we now wish to expand our horizons and help connect businesses with the client in a sector that is our passion.  

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