It is safe to say that this week has been highly charged with uncertainty. The tourism industry has been affected in one way or another by the fast-growing rate of COD-VID19 in Europe. Last week the Leading Travel Trade Show, ITB Berlin, the foremost business platform for global touristic offers, was canceled. This trade show is where supply meets demand, making it a key event for the tourism industry.

The moment all our plans changed.

Shake to Win team had booked a whole week full of meeting with partners and potential partners. Since we could not meet at the event because many people canceled their travels, we stuck to our mission. We decided to leverage the opportunity to connect with then through technology. The Shake to Win team was able to book over 18 appointments on and offline in berlin, to demo and connect with partners and potential partners. We were able to confirm that technology can and will continue to bring the world closer together, and Shake to Win is a great Channel. On these three full days of online and offline appointments, Emily Cheung, founder, and CEO, along Laucha Machuca, Market Expansion Manager, connected with South America, Central America, and Europe, though tourism boards and tour operators that are currently looking for solutions to connect with China.

And since the team was already in Berlin, they took the weekend to scout on new cultural and authentic places that make Berlin unique! The production team flew to Berlin, where a Berlin Shake to win experiences was filmed with the support of our Berlin Partners.

The filming crew and the team filming the Shake to Win Berlin Experience

Meanwhile, filming the team managed to get five spots online with the access package! The team worked hard over the weekend and proved how fast Shakew to Win could make the connection to the Chinese digital landscape. It is taking less than a weekend to get them on ONLINE and VIsible to the Independent Chinese traveler. Garcia, also noticed the presence of galleries from Latinoamerica, specifically Mexico, and approached them to continue with our efforts to expand our ecosystem to the territory.

Let’s take a look at our new Berlin Partners:

Rekorder Galerie und Café:

A beautiful coffee shop with a small gallery, aiming to support international contemporary art. This space gets its name from the Latin word “record,” which, to remember important things of today. Apart from the gallery with exceptional work, the coffee is also a great reason to stop by with their perfectly brewed cups of coffe every one can feel welcomed, and this is something that a Shake to Win we appreciate. 

Visit the spot on the Shake to win App

The Visit Coffe:

As you can tell, we have a Coffee expert in our team, Mariano Garcia, our market expansion manager knows a lot about coffee and where to get the best. The Visit Headquater & Roastery is one of them. In this lovely Cafe, they have created a multifunctional space that creates a unique atmosphere. They select high-quality coffee beans and roast them using the latest technology to bring the ideal flavor from the beans to your coffee cup. We were impressed not only for their product but also for the number of locations they have in Berlin!

Check out the three spots on our app: 

The Visit Headquarter & Roastery

The Visit Coffee & Eatery

The Visit Coffee

Kisch & Co:

A bookstore in the heart of Berlin, with a beautiful selection of books along a pleasant atmosphere. Bookstores are seen less and less in our cities, and this one has reminded us how lovely it is to visit a bookstore and get consumed in the selection of stories, novels, photography books, history books, etc. Nothing like the smell of books!

Check out the spot on our app

After our week in Berlin, full uncertainty, birthdays, and canceled plans, because of the issues like the spread of COD-VID19, we are happy we can still connect with many partners as well as to visit places that we appreciate. We continue sharing stories and places we love with the largest outbound market in the world, the independent Chinese traveler.
There is indeed a restraint in traveling at the moment as there is a situation that is larger than us, but that doesn’t mean we can not connect and share our story for when there is a better time to travel. Through shake to win, you can enter the Chinese digital landscape in an FAST, EASY, and AFFORDABLE way. Start connecting today with the Independent Chinese traveler. It has never been easier. For more information, please contact us at or visit our website