Shake to Win officially launched the Magical Town Aquismón, Mexico, with the aim of bringing this tourist destination closer to the Chinese market, achieving a total of 22 spots affiliated with the platform.

On this occasion, the linkage with different service providers and spots was possible thanks to the Regional Director (Mexico & LATAM), Rafael Vega Valtierra, and also to the great efforts of Sergio Osorno Morales, from the cultural program with Shake to Win.

The Magical Towns embody symbolic attributes, legends, history, transcendent events, daily life, socio-cultural manifestations, and today they represent a great occasion for tourism opportunities.

Aquismón joined the Magical Towns program in 2018, being one of the most important in San Luis Potosí. It is located approximately 45 kilometers north of Xilitla and 55 kilometers south of Ciudad Valles.

Huasteco is part of the group of Mayan languages that is spoken in the southeast of the State of San Luis Potosí. Huasteco-speaking indigenous people who are great artisans of hand-embroidered textiles, also call themselves “teenek”. Additionally, Nahuatl and Xi’u o Pames have some speakers in the region.

In Huasteco the word Aquismón means “tree at the foot of a well“, possibly referring to the Sótano de las Golondrinas (Swallow’s basement), the sixth deepest cavity in the world, with a free fall of 510 meters. You can also witness other basements, caverns, rivers and waterfalls in the area.

Previously, Aquismón was called San Miguel de Taquixmón, it was a mission of the Franciscan Custody of San Salvador de Tampico.

On the gastronomic side, the specialty of the Huasteca Potosina is the traditional tamal zacahuil, the bocoles de res, and the enchiladas huastecas.

Source: IG: @aquismonturismo. Gastronomy of the Huasteca Potosina

Among other main attractions are the La Mora Market, where you can find many handicrafts, including coffee, vanilla, brown sugar, among others; the Main Square, with its characteristic kiosk and the monument to Madre Huasteca; the parish consecrated to San Miguel Arcángel, patron of the town; the Tamul Waterfall, with a fall of 105 meters, over thef Santa María River; El Jabalí, an land at four kilometers from the junction with the Valles-Rioverde highway and you can enjoy the greenery of the incomparable landscape; La Mesa viewpoint, you will be amazed by the vegetation and you will appreciate the municipality from its top; El Nacimiento de Tambaque, a source of crystalline water; the Cueva Puente de Dios; the Cuevas de Mantetzulel, an indigenous paradise that includes three caves, La Cueva del Espíritu Santo, La Cueva de La Luz del Sol and La Cueva del Aguacatillo; Hoya or Sótano de las Huahuas, a basement with 478 meters deep; Sótano El Cepillo, also known as “El Eterno” and with an approximate depth of 160 meters; and of course the aforementioned Sótano de las Golondrinas.

All these heritage places full of cultural beauty, in addition to other services and local businesses characteristic of the region, are available on the Shake to Win platform, where our main objective is to connect Chinese tourists with native places and in this way promote Aquismón to this market with great potential. It is an opportunity for Aquismón since its main source of subsistence comes mostly from tourism.

“Shake to Win offers growth opportunities for Aquismón as a Magic Town by having new visitors from China, thereby giving continuity to the drive to improve the local economy and the quality of life of our people. We have a great natural and cultural diversity, Aquismón could become one of the favorite destinations for Chinese visitors when they think about Mexico”

Oscar Suárez Mendoza, Municipal President of Aquismón.

“Having a presence in China helps to position our Magical Town as an international destination, and what a better way to attract Chinese tourists, with the challenge of giving them the best possible experience when visiting Aquismón through Shake to Win”,

Alejandra Rodríguez Fernández, Director of Municipal Tourism.