Thanks to the linkage between Raul Hammed Torres, the Director of the IV International Tourism Congress of Guadalajara, and Shake to Win’s Regional Director(MEX & LATAM) Rafael Vega Valtierra, we had the honour to be the Gold Sponsor at the IV International Tourism Congress of Guadalajara and held a virtual stand from November 18 to 21 along with the participation of Josefina Sánchez Santamaría, who is a collaborator by an internship at Shake to Win.

The event had the digital modality, where skills and knowledge were developed within the most important areas of tourism in Mexico and in the world, which included conferences, workshops, discussion panels, networking, virtual stand area and recognition with curricular value. It was also a great opportunity to have training validated by ICTUR for tourist guides and 50 hours of professional practices for university students validated by the Jalisco Secretariat, 30 hours validated by ICTUR for tourist guides NOM-08 or NOM-09. The event was aimed at students of tourism and experts in the field.

With the support of the Municipal Syndic of Boca del Río, Veracruz, Iliana León Huesca and Raul Hammed Torres, Shake to Win’s Regional Director(MEX & LATAM) Rafael Vega Valtierra was able help grant the three scholarships to the following recipients: Allison Yelari López Ferto, Tania del Carmen Jiménez Ramón and Josefina Sánchez Santamaría.

The objective is based on the premise that we’ve come to the moment where tourism has a crisis and strategies are required to help the tourism sector recover. Thus, governments and the private sector come together to promote collaboration and national/international solidarity in this congress, offering a multidisciplinary experience in which they develop and learn about various current issues in the sector, creating a vision of leadership across borders.

This is how Rafael Vega Valtierra participated as a speaker at the conference “Chinese Tourism: A market niche with high potential in the near future”. By highlighting a global panorama, Rafael shared that China would be a great opportunity to accelerate tourism in different perspectives since China has an exponential market size and is the number one issuer of tourists.

Shake to Win plays a very important role as an intermediary to reach Chinese travellers and create a network that encourages Chinese tourism in Mexico and Latin America.

Rafael has also mentioned the technological advancement in China, a fully automated country, and that therefore one must have knowledge of new trends and their ecosystems in order to better understand the market.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Rafael successfully received recognition from the congress to prove his participation on behalf of Shake to Win. Shake to Win appreciates the consideration to be able to sponsor the congress and enrich tourism in Mexico and Latin America.

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