The event “Why China?, Why Not?” was organized by the Society of Bachelor of Marketing and International Business Students of the Tecnológico de Monterrey (SALEM & SALIN Campus Monterrey), with the support of Public Relations Manager Cristina Patiño, including the other members of the student board.

Among the objectives of SALEM and SALIN, the creation of quality events, opening doors with contacts and providing valuable tools to University students stand out. What is expected is to support the students of the marketing and international business career in their university experience.

In this way, Shake to Win becomes a key piece so that, during the conference, students know a little about China and its role as one of the economic powers in the world, which could become an opportunity for those who take the initiative.

Emily Cheung mentioned that Shake to Win, as a company that goes beyond technological innovation in the connectivity of Chinese Independent Travelers with local businesses from different countries, should take into account the platforms and networking they use in China to reach their target audience. The students were impressed when they realized how much difference Chinese platforms have compared to Western ones. An example of this is WeChat, which has a very broad ecosystem, where you can even make electronic transfers and payments with a QR Code, in addition to the fact that currently paying with cash is very unlikely to happen in China.

Looking at it from that perspective, shaping marketing strategies is a difficult but not impossible challenge because you have to know very well the Networking functioning in China.

“Thank you for the invitation from TEc de montrrey student association, it was our pleasure to share what is the new China and inspire more and more students around the world to have a better understanding of our culture. Further hope we can initiate more cultural collaboration and build more bridges to conncet culture and create more positive impact around the world. ”

Emily Cheung
CEO Shake to Win

On the other hand, Regional Director (Mexico & LATAM) Rafael Vega Valtierra shared his experiences living in China to complete his master’s degree at Fudan University. He described how incredible its culture and its breadth is, explained that knowing China will leave you impacted. Likewise, he stressed the importance of learning the language for students, since it opens the doors to many opportunities in the Chinese market and of course to better understand the background of their culture.

After his great career path working as a financial advisor in the structure of free trade between Mexico and China, he met Emily and finally hearing what Shake to Win was about, did not hesitate to join the team, since China had become his passion.

“One of the things I like the most about collaborating at Shake to Win is the opportunity that we have to make an impact on the new generations. It was an honour to share my experience with the students of SALEM and SALIN at my alma matter.”

Rafael Vega Valtierra
Regional Director

For us, at Shake to Win, sharing our experience at these type of events, help us to expand our mission as we are committed with the education and the new generation. We are sure that in them is the possibility of creating generating new opportunities for Mexico and Latin America.

Please stay tuned for more info on the release and contact for any business collaboration.