China is arguably one of the most influential participants in the digital landscape nowadays, and organizations around the world are interested in being educated on how this country became a dominant force in this regard. Experts say that the next “Silicon Valley” is starting to emerge in Asia. Incredible efforts made by China to become one of the most prominent investors in digital technologies. 

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McKinsey, mentioned in a recent article that China is already more advanced than many observers appreciate. They say: “In e-commerce, China accounted for less than 1 percent of the value of worldwide transactions only about a decade ago; that share is now more than 40 percent. The current value of China’s e-commerce transactions is estimated to be larger than in France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States combined”, and for that, China has to maintain a fast, easy-to-use digital ecosystem to support said processes.

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China is fast-approaching digitization in order to become a global leader in the consumer-driven digital economy. Among the most digitized sectors, one can find information, communication and technologies, media, finance and insurance, entertainment, and retail trade. Those sectors that are still approaching the stage of digitization are government, education, healthcare, and basic goods manufacturing. And a study shows that among the sectors less digitized are: personal and local services, hospitality, construction, and real estate. 

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In regards to hospitality, Shake to Win is making its part by organizing an international ecosystem in the digital sphere, the Chinese independent travelers can access when planning a trip or visiting another country—offering the benefit to let regions, organizations, and businesses to show their history, the beauty, and the culture of the places we suggest to travelers. Also, companies and enterprises can allocate payment services within China with the STW App. This feature supports the growth of interactions and the digitization of pretty much all the sectors mentioned before. 

 McKinsey also highlighted that China sets itself apart from other countries regarding the digital landscape because policymakers facilitate the digital economy. This enables the government to promote the expansion of digital ecosystems by encouraging dynamic and healthy competition to boost innovation. In fact, since one of the most digitized sectors in China include information and communications technologies (ICT), China’s Internet companies are rapidly ramping up investment in digital infrastructure: “To give an idea of the size of this investment, demand for servers from China’s tech giants is as large as the entire national demand of countries such as Brazil and South Korea” McKinsey and Company points out.  

As China continues to grow, and it will pave the road into a digital economy of the future. Promoting in this landscape will become a good practice since its vast digital ecosystem, maximizing value from analytics by using its massive data pools and by digitizing operations in most of the other sectors in its economy. 

With Shake to win businesses in the West will now have direct access to one of the world’s largest outbound travel market through a robust platform built entirely within the Chinese digital ecosystem.

For many years western companies have struggled to navigate and promote in the complex Chinese market due to a lack of understanding of Chinese consumer behavior changes and unfamiliarity with the fast-changing digital channels (WeChat and Weibo). The Chinese consumer market is unique, and the Chinese internet is equally so. Businesses around the world have discovered that it’s not enough merely to translate their marketing materials and hope Chinese consumers notice: you’ve got to find a way to deliver localized content from within China itself.

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