Thanks to our Regional Director (Mexico & LATAM) Rafael Vega Valtierra, Shake to Win has established a strategic partnership with Jalisco State Government in 2019. Under the Covid-19, we try to help different tourism boards and SMEs to keep active and show their beauty in the market. As Jalisco State is the first state who support our mission back to 2019, our #TravelFromHome virtually flew to Tequila Town on 18th of July, and we introduced multiples spots with our window stickers to the Chinese social media audience.

Within a day, our campaign has reached over 135,000 Chinese social media users and generated more than 273,200 readerships; people love Tequila, we guess.

Our team have been working tirelessly for the region of Mexico and Latin America, and the first #TravelFromHome Tequila Town campaign set a milestone for us. Before COVID-19, China has become the largest source of tourists for Mexico in Asia, and three direct flights operated between the two countries.

While in July 2019, tourists from China ranked as the fourteenth passenger-issuing market in Mexico, according to information from the Migration Policy Unit of the Ministry of the Interior. (see source) The COVID-19 may have stopped Chinese millennials from flying abroad physically, but it has never stopped their curiosity for the country.

#TravelFromHome Tequila Town six posts on Weibo

“Drinking tequila is more about the journey than the destination” and Shake to Win break the languages and cultural barrier for Chinese millennials to virtually experience the real Mexican culture from our creative content.

We started the campaign by stopping at Portales del Cielo. After a typical Mexican breakfast, we took our users to Museo Nacional del Tequila for some arty time. We can’t drink Tequila without knowing its history, right? Our followers enjoyed the knowledge and commented on how much they wanted to go drinking with Shake to Win. It’s not a surprise that we moved onto La Capilla, time for a drink! Our followers are very interested in the bar’s vibe.

Furthermore, they’ve learnt about the signature drink Batanga invented by founder Don Javier. The fourth place is to satisfy our sweet tooth, an ice cream shop Nieve San Antonio. Their famous agave ice cream with tequila topping has drawn some attention from our followers. The final stop is a trip to La Mexicana, which is organized by Tours Corazon de Agave. It is an experience we can never forget. Even those followers who don’t drink are very interested in knowing the history and culture of Tequila.

As a quote says “Drinking tequila is more about the journey than the destination”, we will say travelling is more about learning than just a holiday. Chinese millennials are curious. The country is full of potential, so are you ready to be part of it?

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