On November 9, the 1st round of virtual conferences was held for the students of Noordwijk International College in Veracruz, Mexico. Shake to win was present with our Regional Director (Mexico & LATAM) Rafael Vega Valtierra who talked about the topic, “China: Leader in innovation and technology”. The event was led by 18 panelists who addressed different kinds of topics based on their authentic experiences that are fostered by creating opportunities for students to express opinions, make decisions, and take responsibility during the process of their academic and professional development.

NIC is part of the Associations of IB World Schools (AIBWS). The International Baccalaureate is a prestigious institution that guarantees the educational quality of the schools in its network. One of the goals of the IB is to develop knowledgeable, educated and knowledge-hungry young students with an attitude of lifelong learning.

The International Week is a perfect time for students to learn more about the different countries, from their culture, customs, and ways of life, to the different economic, political, and social situations that they currently live in, thus developing their international mentality. It is here where China plays an important role due to its great technological impact. Digital technologies are constantly transforming the Chinese economy, this reflects the implementation of business models enabled for the mobile Internet and its effect on consumption patterns. Students were intrigued and surprised how the Chinese generate systemic programs to facilitate market processes from one place, all digitally, including the use of QR codes in payment and more.

Photo by Wolfram K from Pexels

As a world power, China offers a great opportunity for students to learn about its development strategies and to generate international or business relationships, depending on what students decide to study for their profession.

 “The new generations in Mexico should learn about the importance of seeing China as a leader in terms of innovation and technology. Shake to Win wants to be a role model that helps them see the opportunity by sharing our experience.  I admire schools like Noordwijk International college in Veracruz that are thinking ahead by teaching Mandarin for high school students”

Shake to Win’s Regional Director (Mexico & LATAM) Rafael Vega Valtierra.

With such efforts, Shake to Win pushes to spread Chinese culture and heritage throughout the world for students wanting to engage within China’s business environment. We have worked in the past with students from Vlerick Business School as well as Ghent University in the Netherlands, helping to facilitate their understanding of the Chinese digital eco-system from our perspective as a new age cultural tech company. Through these shared experiences, we hope to expand a mutual appreciation and understanding of cultures, linking them to China through the stories and efforts of our team, partners, and supporters.

At the same time we have made several workshops and provided specialized training intership programs which fosters international talents, challenging them to take part in real-life Chinese business scenarios while also sharing their own culture for us to consider when approaching local businesses abroad.

Please feel free to reach out to us at partnership@shaketowin.net for any enquirers or business partnerships.