Shake to Win is pleased to officially announce the strategic alliance with NGEN, a multi-lingual virtual technology platform, to help support Chilean SMEs to undergo digital transformation and unlock the China market from their local destinations. As a member of FEDETUR, the main trade association of tourism companies in Chile, NGEN will play a key role in expanding Shake to Win’s offering within other regions of Chile, especially rural towns that have been affected the most by due to the halt of tourism.

Founded in 2019, NGEN is a 100% digital platform that connects places and tourist experiences of cities with independent travelers. It is an application for both tourists and tour operators that features online and offline tours in 20 different languages, allowing users to view nearby tours available in their preferred language. NGEN was awarded two investment funds for innovation, Semilla Inicia and Semilla Expande CORFO, a Chilean government agency that promotes national production and economic growth.

Through the efforts of our Regional Director (Mexico & Latam), Rafael Vega Valtierra, and founder of NGEN, Patricio Guzmán, both parties will work toward the common goal of showcasing the culture of Chile and its beauty to the new generation of Chinese tourists. At the same time, they will eliminate the barriers of China market entry for cultural and tourism SMEs in Chile.

“ Shake to Win will allow our tourism milestones to reach the largest outbound tourism market in the world such as China and especially its millennial generation, which will be a trend for world tourism.”

-Patricio Guzman, Founder of NGEN
Photo: Shutterstock. View of Santiago and Andes Mountains at Sunset from Cerro San Cristobal, Chile.
Photo: Shutterstock. Colorful buildings on the hills of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valparaiso, Chile.

With the shutdown of tourism due to COVID-19, digital transformation has become a vital factor in the sustainability and recovery of tourism-related businesses. While digitalization has been increasing in Chile over the years, the scale and expertise in this area are still not as mature when compared to Asian markets. Big players dominate the market, making it harder for SMEs to unlock market share.

Chile’s long-lasting relationship with China provides an ideal occasion for collaboration between the two countries. China has been one of Chile’s top trading partners for over a decade and is also its number one source of foreign direct investment in recent years. As the largest outbound market and one of the most digitally connected economies in the world, access to the China market will provide Chilean businesses with significant opportunities beyond the limitations of their local economies. Furthermore, both countries will experience more cultural exchanges through these commercial and emotional interactions.

While China’s market potential is an attraction point for many global businesses, the cost of entering the market is not. Investment in Chinese staff, legal & regulatory compliance, market research, and cultural differences are a heavy burden on SMEs. Shake to Win mitigates these issues by creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem that links businesses to China without the need to know Mandarin. In this aspect, NGEN will become an anchor point for Chilean SMEs in facilitating the co-expansion and co-development of their digital transformation process through Shake to Win.

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