On November 13, 2021, Emily Cheung, the founder and CEO of Shake to Win, was officially invited by TEDx Dapuqiao Countdown as the opening guest speaker of the day, focusing on the sustainable development of the world, green and healthy living, and years of travel around the world. She gave a wonderful speech about her profound enlightenment of life and devotion to environmental protection.

 TEDx Dapuqiao Countdown is a Countdown series of TEDx activities officially authorized by TED. It aims to invite professionals in the environmental protection field who have unique insights and contributions to social issues such as the circular economy and sustainable development to share and discuss. With the status quo and the enjoyment of new ideas for the long-term development of society in the future, they encourage and empower the younger generation to actively participate in the practice of circular economy, and promote the sustainable development of society through practical actions.

 At the beginning of her talk, Emily dives in from the perspective of the phased development of human civilization and the evolution of the world’s history and cultures, putting forward important points about sustainable development.  Emily believes that with the gradual improvement of the social system and the level of science and technology, human beings should also take into account the protection of the natural environment while paying attention to economic development.  

“The rapid transformation from an agricultural civilization to an industrial one has led to the unprecedented development of science and technology and social productivity. It is also at this time, that human beings begin to swell and become arrogant, regard themselves as the “conquerors” of the natural world, and have no restraint on natural resources, land extraction and utilization. Humanity’s over-exploitation of the natural environment over the four hundred years of industrial civilization has led to various serious and irreversible natural problems gradually appearing since the 21st century.”

Emily Cheung, Founder & CEO of Shake to Win

 Facing mountain fires that lasted for months, floods and torrential rains rolling down the sky, breathing the smog that obscures the sky and the sun and the sunny days, the displaced and endangered wild animals… human beings are beginning to understand that it is time to change.  Emily further emphasizes in her speech: 

“The natural environment is the cornerstone of human survival and development. While achieving economic development, we must also take into account the protection of our natural environment. How to learn to coexist in harmony with nature will be an eternal and unchanging topic for human society in the future.  Therefore, the realization of true “sustainable development” is of urgency and imminence.”

 In addition, three keywords were repeatedly mentioned in Emily’s speech: “Zero carbon emissions by 2050”, “1.5 degrees Celsius”, and “$100 billion”.  These three keywords correspond to the environmental protection action guidelines put forward by various member states based on the current state of the world’s environment in the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) which was formally held in Glasgow, Scotland two weeks ago.  It was mentioned in the meeting that in order to alleviate global warming, countries in the world should strive to maintain the global temperature rise within “1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius” by 2030, and that developed countries in the world need to reach the level of “zero carbon emissions by 2050” and simultaneously raise funds with “$100 billion” to support developing countries to promote environmental protection and sustainable social development.

 As the world’s most populous country, China has actively responded to this calling. Since the 21st century, it has promoted a number of environmental protection policy reforms and has promulgated the latest “Energy Law”, which will achieve “zero carbon emissions” and social sustainable development, and the development of renewable energy that are already being implemented locally.

In her epilogue, Emily returned to her original intentions and shared with everyone the enlightenment that European travel has brought to her about sustainable living as a visitor. Most Danes install solar panels on the sunny side of their houses for supplementary power. In Switzerland, where the concept of low-carbon life was first put forward, the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. People consciously separate garbage and install rainwater collection devices in their homes.  In daily use, the formerly polluted foggy capital of the United Kingdom is also gradually restoring its original beauty and vitality with the implementation of the government’s environmental protection policy and the joint efforts of the people across the country.

 “In today’s world, more and more people have begun to realize the importance of environmental protection, and the development of ecological civilization and the development of renewable energy in various countries are also in full swing. We must start immediately to improve our self-awareness, maintain active progress, and put into practice a low-carbon, energy-saving, and a sustainable lifestyle. I believe that as long as we make a little change every day, strengthen our belief and determination to protect the environment, and work together, we will see a better tomorrow.”

Emily Cheung, Founder & CEO of Shake to Win

A special thank you to the organizer Johnson Yen, the amazing guest speakers, participants, and the staff that made this event possible.

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