The Cyberspace Administration of China has embarked on a campaign to cleanse its internet space for its local users by banning and removing over 100 apps on the internet that are deemed illegal. Although most apps are local, much media attention is being drawn to the inclusion of the well-known US travel app, TripAdvisor. While there has been no specific comment on TripAdvisor’s ban, the website is still accessible within China without the need for a VPN as of Tuesday.

Through the first wave of this cleansing campaign, the authorities are seeking to uphold its cyber laws and root out content related to pornography, gambling, violence, fraud and any other illegal activities on the web. Meanwhile, many speculators are associating this move with the rising US-China relations, especially with the recent issues regarding the US ban on Tik Tok. While this move may seem alarming to some, it is not new considering TripAdvisor has been banned in the past in other countries due to misleading reviews.

It is without a doubt that the barrier of entry to the Chinese internet landscape is becoming substantially higher for foreign businesses hoping to enter the Chinese market. With the unexpected ban of TripAdvisor, and existing censorship laws in place, it is essential to find a trusted local business partner that can adhere to the changes in these laws and regulations.

Shake to Win is a Chinese cultural tech company headquartered in Hong Kong with its mainland China branch based in Shanghai. By developing our platforms, we have to ensure compliance with the Chinese authorities and respect the local cyber-law and data privacy. We carefully curate content in line to with the regulations to help curious and passionate Chinese travelers to better understand and appreciate cultures from all around the world. At the same time, we have been working hand in hand with our B2B business partners to facilitate their smooth entry into the Chinese internet market and Chinese consumer’s hearts from the previous 3 years. Currently, over 4000+ partners have engaged with Shake to Win across Europe, Mexico and LATAM markets.

As 2020 comes to an end, the anticipation of the end of the pandemic calls for many future opportunities in the travel industry. It is speculated that niche travel and lesser-known locations will still have higher demand as travelers take precautions post-COVID while also looking for a unique experience. Also, high value, low volume travel like that of Bhutan will be significant for the first group of cultural experience hungry Chinese travelers to embark on their long-awaited journey.

As China banned TripAdvisor, Shake to Win could become a good platform for the new Chinese generations to use while traveling overseas. Shake to Win is committed to creating more value for overseas B2B cultural partners and our Chinese users. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in entering this market with us.

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