This year Shake to Win has been growing incessantly with the help of our team and partners coming together to preserve culture. The team has been working super hard, scouting the less common touristic areas and recruiting partners to join our network because together, we can accomplish our mission.

One of our most valuable partnerships comes from the south of Spain, Andalusia. “Discovering Spain” is a partnership we built five months ago through our Brand Ambassador, Francisco Anera. “Discovering Spain offers tours to unique places in the south of Spain, Granada, Malaga, Seville, and much more. 

“Discovering Spain” has attributed many spots in the area that highlight the rich culture of the Andalucía area in Spain. Apart from adding spots to our network and informing our users, “Discovering Spain” has also coupons on the Shake to Win platform offering 15% off all their tours to any Shake To Win user. 

Andalusia is a large region of about 87,200 km2 with hill, rivers, and farmland bordering the south coast of Spain. Its landscapes are varied and therefore offer a lot to see and explore. The region is so culturally rich that many cultural stereotypes that are recognized internationally as distinctively Spanish are originally from Andalusia, like Flamenco and bullfighting. Including famous landmarks like the Alcazar Castel In Seville, Cordoba’s Mesquita Mosque-Cathedral, and Granada’s Alhambra Palace, all of which “Discovering Spain” has informative tours organized for Shake to Win users. 

“Camino Del Rey” From Granada is a Shake to Win favorite, and it is available in “Discovering Spain.” It is an unforgettable tour that starts with a guided walk along the walls of the “Desfiladero de los Gaitanes” one of the most iconic views of Andalusia. This tour is 2 hours long, and the highly photogenic landscapes will inspire anyone with a camera. 

This tour will lead you to discover the wonders of nature alongside an authorized guide who knows a lot about this natural monument and its rich history. This tour is an excellent experience for hiking and learning.

This tour is one of the reasons why we are so proud to partner with “Discovering Spain” to be able to share with Chinese Independent Travelers all the magnificent places that are not the main tourist attractions in the country, but that is just as valuable. 

Through sharing about less-visited attractions, we have an impact on slow tourism, on thoughtful tourism, the type that wants to take its time and live the truly authentic experience of each place. By decentralizing tourism can impact on a more sustainable way of traveling and creating better experiences in the tourist industry, a more sustainable approach to travel. 

Shake to Win is on a mission to preserve culture by creating cross-cultural bridges through technology. We achieve it by showcasing carefully selected cultural institutions and local businesses, providing them content in Chinese, and offers incentives to its users. 

We believe in the power of networks, and this network can change the way we travel to a more conscious and enriching way, join us if you also want to make a change. 

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