Digital Bootcamp Asia is a podcast about inspiring life stories from CEOs, business owners and leaders who share lessons learned and insights on how they tackle the challenges and overcome difficulties, to help people stay focused and consistent in maintaining a much healthier, happier and successful lifestyle. In August, Natasha Fang, the host interviewed our founder and CEO, Emily.T.Y Cheung about her passion, challenges, even more, plan for the future about Shake to Win. You can listen to the full episode here.

As a female entrepreneur, Emily comes from the background of data analysis. When people ask her what the differences between female entrepreneurs and male entrepreneurs are, she always responds that as a female entrepreneur, she needs to carry a lot of responsibilities in different scenarios. Time management has become Emily’s secret weapon. Monday is always about planning, while Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are those days for her to plan out meetings with the client, last but not least is the review day Friday. She’s trying to keep herself healthy to focus on different tasks and be productive.

Shake to Win as a SaaS Platform with a multi-social media platform, Emily and the team need to keep up with the marketing trends. Emily always keeps up with what’s happening in China and what’s happening around the world. Because Shake to Win’s business nature is related to bringing brands to China and how to develop the eCommerce and digital strategy, it is even more necessary to have Shake to Win understand what the global economic and political changes are. Especially when the tourism industry is facing COVID-19, Shake to Win needs to have some transformations to bring opportunity and inspiration to how we can create value to the tourism industry during this difficult time. She’s always driven to follow institutional or universal webinar by powerful organization because they know what’s going on, and she can be inspired and reduce the risk. She keeps herself learning.

Curiosity is the foundation for me as an entrepreneur, which helps me to break a lot of barriers and difficulties. Therefore, I can keep going, no matter what challenge it is in front of me.

Emily.T.Y Cheung, founder of Shake to Win

Right now, everyone is talking about china and expect to achieve right away. However, Emily thinks that if you want to establish a long-term relationship and sustainable business, you always have to carry a mission. Remind yourself to be purposeful, then identify your opportunities by the experience. Don’t do many things at a time. Focus is one of the critical words for Emily.

Although the COVID-19 did hit Shake to Win quite a big in Quarter 1 and 2, Emily does see the most significant challenge that if nobody is going to abroad, how can we still connect the people virtually through our creative content, social media expertise, virtual travel from home campaign. Shake to Win work with hundreds of B2B players, all of them want to be active in the market, but they don’t know where to tap into in China because of the language and culture.

The trust between our clients and Shake to Win has been built from the previous two years. So now it’s the matter of how Shake to Win can help them virtually set up their identity and visibility first in China, further integrate with Chinese digital payment, digital commerce and offline present. Therefore, when we come to 2021 and when Chinese think about where to go, they’ve read some on Shake to Win, so our B2B players come to the top of their mind.

In the podcast, Emily has been asked what’s the next step for Shake to Win’s business.

Emily hopes to spend 1-2 years making the business foundation and product more stable, and then she wants to do something with sustainability and green lifestyle. She has two biggest passions. First is her art appreciation. She hopes someday in the future when people associate with Chinese travellers, it’s not just about the shopping mall or five stars hotel, it is more about appreciation on the art. She wants to help the museum to get into China and approach to Chinese millennials. The second passion is that she always wants to think about when nature gives us something, how can we give back or preserve it better, like education on sustainability. Shake to Win is established to be the place for people who share a similar vision, whether they are the clients or our users.

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