The global tourism industry is experiencing a significant shift driven by the return of Chinese outbound travelers in late 2023. China is a powerhouse in the travel sector, ranking as the world’s largest outbound tourism source market. At its peak in 2019, Chinese outbound travel and tourism consumption reached a staggering US$262.1 billion, exceeding the United States’ US$184.2 billion.

While the pandemic disrupted travel patterns, China’s re-emergence presents a new horizon of opportunities for tourism professionals worldwide. This resurgence has also made China a major target market for many countries. To cater to the unique preferences of Chinese travelers, strategic adaptation is necessary.

Bridging the Gap: Empowering Tourism Professionals’ Success

In recognition of this shift, Shake to Win successfully completed its first “Turismo Chino” (Chinese Tourism Master Course) for Spanish-speaking tourism professionals and students. This comprehensive course, led by over 10 tourism experts from various fields (tourism, marketing, investment, etc.) provided participants with the fundamental knowledge required to understand, engage, and capture the Chinese tourism market. Seasoned China experts shared valuable insights to equip participants for success.

Completion FEB 2024 Intake in Spanish Language

China’s Rejuvenated Tourism Landscape: Positive Outlook and Growth

Recent industry events like FITUR and ITB have highlighted the changing landscape in 2024. According to Turespaña, Spain welcomed over 382,000 Chinese tourists in 2023, surpassing expectations with a 50% recovery compared to pre-pandemic levels. This rapid rebound signifies the pent-up demand for international travel amongst Chinese tourists.

Moreover, individual spending per visitor also saw a 20% increase, reflecting the growing purchasing power of Chinese tourists. This translates to a lucrative opportunity for businesses in the Spanish tourism industry. Direct flight routes between China and Spain have not only recovered to pre-pandemic levels, but are exceeding them by 110%. This improved accessibility significantly simplifies travel logistics for Chinese tourists, making Spain a more attractive destination.

The outlook for 2024 remains positive, with a projected 73% recovery in Chinese international flight travel and over 2,500 new international flights expected. This bodes well for increased tourist arrivals from China in Spain.

Beyond Spain, China’s renewed tourism focus extends to Latin America. Air China’s return to South America in April 2024 marks a significant development. This route, the world’s longest one-stop service, will connect Beijing Capital to São Paulo, targeting the large Brazilian Chinese community.

Similarly, China Southern Airlines Co. will launch its inaugural direct flights to Mexico City on April 17th, highlighting Mexico’s growing role as a pivotal access point for Chinese travelers to the Americas. Chinese tourism to Mexico has witnessed a significant recovery in 2023, reaching nearly pre-pandemic levels with 161,300 visitors.

Understanding the Chinese Tourist: Key Considerations

While the potential is undeniable, navigating the Chinese tourism market requires a nuanced understanding of Chinese tourist behavior and preferences:

  • Cultural Immersion: Chinese tourists increasingly prioritize cultural immersion experiences, seeking destinations that showcase unique heritage and traditions. They desire authentic experiences that connect them to a novel way of life. Tailoring offerings to highlight these aspects is crucial for attracting them.
  • Digital Landscape: The Chinese digital landscape is distinct from the West. Effective marketing requires a presence on platforms like WeChat, Douyin, and Weibo. Western platforms like Facebook and Instagram are not accessible in China. Building a successful marketing strategy necessitates knowledge of navigation and communication strategies tailored to these platforms.
  • Mobile-First Focus: Chinese travelers rely heavily on mobile devices for travel planning, booking, and in-destination communication. Mobile devices serve as their primary information source and decision-making tool. Optimizing websites and marketing materials for mobile accessibility is essential to ensure a user-friendly experience. Additionally, Chinese travelers are accustomed to the convenience of QR codes and digital payments. Integrating these elements can streamline the conversion process.

Turismo Chino: Collaborative Learning for a Sustainable Future

At Shake to Win, we recognize the importance of bridging the gap between current and future tourism professionals and the Chinese market. Our comprehensive masterclass, designed specifically for the Spanish-speaking world, empowers professionals and students alike with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in this evolving landscape. A key aspect of our course is equipping smaller tourism stakeholders with the right resources to adapt and capitalize on this opportunity.

Looking ahead, we plan to offer more programs and workshops in both Spanish and English, featuring new insights and tools to promote sustainable tourism practices. Our vision is to empower even an ice cream shop owner to leverage Shake to Win’s resources and reach new heights. We believe in the power of collaboration and fostering a network where participants can share knowledge, learn from each other, and grow together.

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