On the morning of February the 27th, Shake to Win was invited to the Weekly Entrepreneurs’ Breakfast at Utopicus Orense. The STW was interviewed by Judith Viloria Perez regarding the latest Charity Campaign, “It’s a smile behind the mask,” created to help ease the situation involving the Condvid-19 outbreak in China. Shake to Win was also able to introduce the Saas platform and offer solutions to a very interested and involved crowd of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Market Expansion Manager, Mariano García, shared general information about the Coronavirus outbreak (officially stated by the Chinese Government on January, 25th 2020). He explained how in the face of such a calamity, a desire to help had sparked.

He then continued on the development of the campaign, “It’s a Smile Behind the Mask.” This campaign is destined to raise money for medical assistance for hospitals in China that are battling against this virus.
He also mentioned that.

“If China stops, a lot of initiatives and economies around the globe will deteriorate and suffer. If we do not want to suffer the consequences of economic turmoil, it is crucial to help today.”

Mariano Garcia- Market Expansion Manger

Mariano Mention the fact that STW dedicates its work to market businesses in China, and with the participation in our campaign, there will be the acknowledgment that “’X’ organization help China in the time of need”, something that would be highly appreciated by the Chinese people for a long time.

On the other hand, our Founder Emily Cheung shared the birth of Shake to Win from her very own passion for traveling, culture, and networking. Attendees showed particular attention to this part of the presentation since she explained the filters used by STW to determine how a place, a business or an experience can take part in our platform. Laura Roca, Regional Account Manager and Creative Leader of the C-wise Group, asked about our relationship with the Van Gogh Museum and how it came to be. Emily shared that she studied in Amsterdam about 15 years ago. She fell in love with Van Gogh’s history and art. Her passion caused a great impression on the Brabant Tourism board that interviewed her at the Museum before starting the partnership, we are so proud of having today.

The team also talked about how the Chinese market and Chinese costumers and consumers are more dependent on one device to communicate and keep in contact with the world: their mobile phones. Shake To win has found the opportunity of reaching Chinese travelers through their mobile apps, creating a specialized app that can communicate with the entire Chinese market. Shake to win offerers consumers, and costumer digital content developed from within and offering businesses the possibility to get noticed in china by one of the biggest outbound markets.

We want to thank the Utopicus community of entrepreneurs for welcoming our initiative and the whole team that made this presentation possible.