In this unprecedented time, probably like no other for economies and businesses, staying alive is crucial, but doing so in a period of so many limitations is proving to be the real struggle. Despite having economic recourses, operations whiting a framework of lockdown complicate processes even further. 3.3 million people in the U.S filed for unemployment last week, elevating statistics to more than four times higher than ever recorded. That number shows how severely the Corona Virus has hurt the job market, and it is estimated that another 50 million jobs will suffer in the tourism field. In front of such a discouraging scenario, competitiveness is the tool that can save organizations around the world. 

Competitiveness can be defined as the ability of a business to present a better value to customers than competitors. Having competitive advantages in comparison to another brand or organization means clients perceive that the company adds more value to them than rivals. The keyword in this concept is “value,” and some indicators of excellent value for costumers can be: a reasonable price, more features on one product, time saved, or even the feeling of satisfaction felt while purchasing the product. We, at Shake to Win, would like to present some recommendations in other to be competitive during this, or any additional, difficult time (with the utmost respect for the situation, whatever it might be). 

Develop brand awareness from within.

Employees with a keen awareness of the brand or the company they work for are known for keeping the engine of a business going. There is evidence of people loving a company thanks to the values they perceive while working there. This can be achieved by instilling in the personnel the core worth, passion, and what the organization does well so they can share it at the moment of doing business or closing a deal.  

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Praise sustainability. 

For the first time, people around the globe are starting to see the importance of sustainability. Commentators specialized in this regard say that sustainability is an ordinary daily choice than can extraordinarily impact the world. Now we can recognize that basics needs such as clean water and air, wholesome food, essential services, and the company of the people we love are all we need. Organizations and businesses must envisage their processes under the magnifying lens of sustainability and break old patterns to keep up with these changing times.

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Keep operations from home.

That meeting you planed can be a (well written) email. And no, this is not a joke. Although physical workers must perform some operation in situ, most of the original parts of businesses can still be performed from home. Many companies have closed down and rejected the idea of keeping services from home offices. Still, with the incredible development of virtual spaces and the increased consumption of online content, companies that are not operating on these platforms risk not being on the mind of costumers either.  

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Communication is still key. 

Many examples of success during difficult times for businesses are those who were communicating with customers and clients not to sell or anything of the sort. Their target audience knows they were taking care of them from behind the scene. One of the most important things a company can do in difficult situations is to find new ways to communicate. Businesses that are doing a great job in this regard are those that keep a fraction of their team communicating with clients and customers to know if their safety and providing human interaction in the face of global isolation. 

All of the above.

A balanced combination of this advice is what we at Shake to Win strive to achieve in front of these difficult times. We continue to develop brand awareness in our team so it can be spread to our target audience in the hope to foment new collaborations and more creative ways to do business. We also keep communications and operations from home using virtual spaces for meetings with our team and with our partners to ensure the continued flow of work and to also keep presenting viewers and followers new content and creative solutions in a considerable effort to be an example of competitiveness in difficult times. 

Shake to Win app for Chinese Users

For many years western companies have struggled to navigate and promote in the complex Chinese market due to a lack of understanding of Chinese consumer behavior changes and unfamiliarity with the fast-changing digital channels (WeChat and Weibo). The Chinese consumer market is unique, and the Chinese internet is equally so. Businesses around the world have discovered that it’s not enough merely to translate their marketing materials and hope Chinese consumers notice. In essence, you’ve got to find a way to deliver localized content from within China itself.

Shake to Win is a tool that today, more than ever, is relevant to the digital climate we live in. Connecting digitally is becoming the most significant part of the marketing mix since traditional methods move too slow for a time like these. As digital marketing strategies gain importance having the most considerable reach and having a solution on how to connect with China and have a presence in this market will be undeniably crucial for tourism businesses.

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