Before we reach to or talk to post-95s, we need to understand the environment they grow up and what create their social habit. By learning, we get to communicate in their language. Therefore, Shake to Win is going to do some social background check to understand their lifestyle.

Understanding the social background of the post-95s with three aspects

The 25 years they had grown up have been those years when our country became stable, and the people’s living standards rose rapidly! At the same time, it is also those years in which my country’s cultural influence has gradually deepened and expanded and become more durable and more reliable!

Here’s a quick summary of their background:

  • Material Aspect:

The rapid improvement in material living conditions has brought not only the improvement of living standards to post-95s, but they also have more opportunities to be exposed to high-quality education, outings and sightseeing, and to broaden their horizons, and gain more new knowledge than the pre-95 generation. But in the turbulent social environment, class stratification. The status quo of solidification is gradually affecting them, even if they are good enough, they are still looking forward to better material conditions.

  • Spiritual Aspect:

Strong national power brings cultural self-confidence. The Chinese culture has changed from import to export. The post-95 generation has a deepened sense of domestic cultural identity. At the same time, with the development of society, conflicts of values have also triggered extensive discussions, and multiple ideas and multiple cultures have profoundly affected with the growth of post-95s, material life is no longer an urgent need, and post-95s pay more attention to spirituality.

  • Internet Aspect:

The Internet has changed the whole world, and it has been implanted in the entire growth process of the post-95 generation. The Internet makes life more convenient, more precious learning resources, and broader social scope. Post-95s can express on the Internet, seek attention and recognition, and form a rich and diverse exchange group.

They are the aborigines of the Internet, and they are also natural users of the mobile Internet. It can be said that the Internet has affected all aspects of post-95s from thought to behaviour. The growth of post-95s is an era of sufficient material conditions and a more rich culture; the growth of post-95s is an era of changes in the Internet era!

The attributes of the post-95s – “Freedom, self-liking, financial independence.”

In terms of personality, post-95s are more courageous to let themselves go and chase what they love. “Freedom, self-liking, financial independence” are their keywords for their ideal life in the future.

In terms of material and spirit, they are double high. Spiritually, they hope to have a fulfilling life; materially, they hope economic independence and meet higher consumption requirements. But…only 15% of them are satisfied with their lives.

In terms of emotional needs, 74% of post-95s have a closer relationship with their mothers!

In terms of demand and consumption, post-95’s parents not only hope that their children will have enough food and clothing but also want to give them sufficient and surplus material support.

Post-95s consumer portraits – “high-income-high-outcome”

The post-95 consumer group portrait mainly analyzes three points: money, car, and house.

In terms of consumption, the post-95s generation is mainly “high-income-high-outcome”, and the post-95s who said they want to “consume rationally” cannot control themselves when they spend money. After 1995, the average monthly consumption is 2,640RMB, of which entertainment is the main expenditure in addition to the necessary consumption such as food and clothing.

Due to the different growth environment of the post-95s generation, 53% already have a particular financial awareness. So, pay attention, some commercial advertisers have begun to start with post-95s!

But 61% of post-95s prefer to purchase funds, Yu’E Bao (on Alipay), and other relatively simple, low-risk, and convenient financial management methods.

In terms of car purchase, appearance and model are the most critical factors when a post-95 buying a car. In the future, there will be massive room for growth in the demand for vehicle customization from post-95s.

I think buying a car can also be compared to other products. The post-95s have a more distinct personality and pay more attention to self-feeling. I think the appearance will also be an important factor affecting their conversion in the consumption of other products!

Consumer life portrait – brands need to be entertaining enough to attract those Gen-Z

This is mainly from the entertainment aspect, analyzing where the post-95s have spent their time! It will be of great help to future advertising.

In terms of leisure and entertainment, watching movies, TV shows, and listening to music are the leading leisure and entertainment content of the post-95s generation.

APP Download Rate among Chinese Post-95s

For the installation of apps, social, music, and video are also the preferred types of apps among those who are born from 1995.

Each type of APP focuses on the content that the crowd pays attention to. WeChat is not only social but also pays more attention to content with more profound thoughts; Weibo mainly presents the attribute of the following stars; short videos are gathering places for Internet celebrities.

In gaming, it is biased towards games with visible social attributes, such as the “Glory of the King” and “Survival of the Jedi”.

Post-95s youth culture: ACG, Street Dance and Hip Hop becoming popular among the Gen-Z and brands are looking to tap into this community to win business.

While following celebrities, they tend to develop a culture of following the idols. Watching reality shows and competitions are the main ways for post-95s to use and support for idols.

Due to the exceptional environment of the post-95s, while they are growing up, their cultural life is also profoundly influenced by the two-dimensional culture! For the two-dimensional crowd, their willingness to pay is higher, and they love to buy peripherals, animations and games!

The post-95s generation can be said to be a generation with a larger span from the 90s and 80s, and their growth environment feels their population attributes. It is fascinating to take an in-depth look into it to discover the future business potential.

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This article is translated from Hou Chang Academy (original article click here)